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Call for Papers

Are you, or do you know, an industry expert, vendor, thought leader or professional in Nuclear IT willing to share your knowledge and insight with NITSL ?

Speaking opportunities are available for NITSL's 2023 conference. Email your topic, with a brief description, to Cathy Przyjemski at by January 15, 2023.  We are accepting papers for our General Session and Standing Committees.

Presentations that are reflective of our primary topics, Empowering the Nuclear Workforce Through Innovation or the Standing Committee Initiatives below, will be given priority consideration.   The NITSL Executive Committee/Standing Committee will review all submissions.

Vendors, who wish to submit an abstract, must include a utility contact with their paper. Presentations are to be given by the utility company representative in collaboration with the vendor company.

2023 Standing Committee Initiatives

Cyber Security Initiatives

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Effective System Hardening

  • Cyber Security Training

  • Effectiveness Reviews – Scope and Process


Infrastructure & Applications (I&A) Initiatives

  • Data Crash Cart 

  • Low Code & No Code 

  • I0T/Segmented Network 

  • Named Data Network 

  • Emerging Tech in Nuclear 

  • Modern Workforce 

  • Data and Analytics 

  • Changing Skillsets for the Future 


Software Quality Assurance Initiatives

  • Revive the SQA Committee

  • Re-Establish the NITSL SQA Guidance Document


Digital Instrument and Control (I&C) Equipment and Systems Initiatives

  • Revisit the roles and responsibilities supporting Digital Dexterity for a modernized workforce

  • Bridging the gap for IOT devices into the Cyber and Engineering Process network

  • Strategies supporting technology obsolescence with focus on Supply Chain, Lifecycle management and the Typical IT Schedule for Hardware change

  • Highlight DEG/NISP Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement

  • Expanding the DC team with the next generation of Digital Engineers

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